Mountain Biking in the Fog

An Inch from Oblivion
currently in development


On a beautiful sunny day, Dave Ostrinsky breaks away from the chaotic life as a Baltimore police detective to ride his bike along a mountain trail, ingesting the clean, crisp air without a care in the world. His life changes forever when a bike accident forces him over a cliff. During emergency surgery. Dr. Ivy McDermott makes a startling discovery. Unbeknownst to Dave, an unusual microdot had been implanted in his brain.

Dave and Ivy team up to learn how this happened and are shocked to discover a conspiracy with tentacles across the world guided by an organization intent on controlling a programmable public.

An Inch from Oblivion is the harrowing journey of one man’s accidental discovery of a secret so disturbing, you will think twice about every action you take.


















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