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"A must read . . . thrilling and suspenseful" - Reedsy Discovery

Coming April 15, 2023

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AIFO Cover.jpg

After being suspended from his job as a police detective, Dave Ostrinsky, needing a respite from his stress-filled life, rides his bike along a mountain trail and accidentally goes over a dangerous cliff. During emergency surgery, Dr. Ivy McDermott discovers a strange microdot in Ostrinsky's brain.

In researching the mysterious growth, Dave and Ivy are shocked to discover a conspiracy guided by criminals’ intent to control a programmable public.

An Inch from Oblivion is the harrowing journey of one man's accidental encounter with a secret so disturbing, you will be compelled to reexamine your every move.

An Inch from Oblivion will be available only at in paper and e-book formats.

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