Escaping Mercy

Expected Summer 2021








Sam's third novel is in production and will be called, Escaping Mercy. The story is set in the year 2175 and features marine biologist, Dex Holzman who must unravel a mystery holding the key to the survival of the human race. Read below for more information. No release date has been set for Escaping Mercy.

Toward the end of the 22nd century, world leaders, 

desperate to preserve Earth and its dwindling resources, 

agreed to ween the overpopulated planet through extraordinary means. 

The solution they chose was called Mercy.

World-famous marine biologist, Dex Holzman is called to Australia’s northeast coast to investigate a dead sea turtle glowing bright orange. He becomes intrigued by local legend asserting the orange particles hold miraculous healing power. While researching this astounding discovery, Dex  meets Cam Atkinson, a civil rights attorney, whose young son has been diagnosed with a deadly virus. Together, Dex and Cam must figure out if the mysterious orange particles hold the key to saving her child’s life and solving the world’s most ominous dilemma.


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