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A Christmas Tale

Published October 14, 2007

A Christmas Tale is a 24 page picture book for grade school children. It is the heartwarming story of two families coming together in the true spirit of Christmas.  Policeman Mark Monroe discovers Jack the Cat and his family living in an abandoned building...



In a crowded section of downtown, on a cold, blustery Christmas Eve morning, Jack paced nervously across the dusty and barren floor. The windows were long gone in the abandoned apartment building where he was living with his family. The cold air sent a chill through his bones.

His two youngsters were hungry, as was his wife. None of them had eaten anything substantive in a long time. Scavenging for food was becoming more challenging with each passing day. With Christmas approaching, Jack knew he would have nothing for his family. He barely had a roof overhead. He prayed for a warm and stable shelter with a modest amount of food for his family. Jack had just about given up hope.

Author's Note: Published in 2007, 100% of the proceeds for this book are donated to Glaucoma Research Foundation.


Learn more about glaucoma at

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Praise for A Christmas Tale

"As a former elementary school teacher, I regard this story as not only enjoyable but much needed in today's world. The true spirit of Christmas has been lost for so many and this wonderful story helps keep it alive. The illustrations and story content make this book a "must have."

"A wonderful children's book with a cheerful Christmas message. Any good children's book must have good illustration, and this one does. Add it to your child's library and they'll go back to it every year."

"A Christmas Tale is a wonderful children's Christmas story with its own heart-warming surprise ending. Beautifully illustrated and just a nice story that everyone young and old will enjoy."

"Heartwarming! I love the story and the illustrations and would recommend this book to anyone."

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