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Escaping Mercy

Published July 17, 2021


150 years in the future, hundreds of millions are homeless and the sick are forced into a euthanasia program called Mercy. Global leaders fiercely debate population control versus keeping people healthy.


When world-famous marine biologist, Dex Holzman learns about Aeternum, an ancient civilization at the bottom of the Coral Sea, he discovers a secret with the power to alter the trajectory of the planet. With the help of Cam Atkinson, a civil rights attorney, Dex travels a deadly path in his attempt to solve the world’s most ominous dilemma. Along the way, he uncovers a maniacal world leader’s vengeful plot to shed population and restore the Earth to its former glory.


Praise for Escaping Mercy

Since finishing Escaping Mercy I have been left with a feeling of emptiness that only brilliant novels succeed in achieving when they end. Polakoff has been undoubtedly successful in creating an immersive storyline with likeable characters, and placing me into a world I thoroughly enjoyed reading.”  Leigh – Reedsy Discovery. 

"The book itself is a marvelous work that connects the beginning, plot, and end magnificently..." - David Reyes - The Book Commentary. 

"A beautifully crafted crescendo strangely intertwined with our reality.”

“Sam Polakoff has crafted a suspenseful, entertaining story about a frightening future. The multiple story lines are intriguing in their own right, but the way the characters are brought together is clever and enjoyable.”

“You won't be able to guess the ending.”


‘‘The characters are well developed, with interweaving storylines and a plot that crescendoes into a mountain of excitement.”

“…so many unpredictable twists and turns…”

“Polakoff brings a fast paced novel about a future world that seems entirely possible given the direction of things these days.”

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