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Published January 16, 2018


As a young boy, Dr. Benjamin Abraham is devastated by the premature death of his grandfather. The loss of his grandfather motivates Ben, a scientific prodigy, to create the Liferay making it possible for the dead to live again…but only once a year for 24 hours.

Using this technology, Dr. Abraham becomes the founder of Hiatus Centers where people can reunite with their deceased loved ones in a controlled environment. Things go terribly wrong when the technology falls into improper hands with disastrous results.

When his chief rival, Dr. Anstrov Rinaldi, learns Ben’s deepest secret, information that threatens the safety of all mankind, Ben and his scientific assistant, Rachel Larkin, must work side by side in an effort to save the world.

An enthralling sci-fi thriller, Hiatus encompasses life, death and rebirth across the globe culminating in a plot threatening the very essence of human existence. To combat the unintended consequences of achieving what was once impossible, Ben Abraham must wager everything to save the world and the company he founded.

HIATUS Cover FINAL Small_edited.jpg

Praise for Hiatus

"The writing is so captivating, it draws you in and will not release."


"Truly an 'on the edge of your seat,' great read."


"The book picks up the pace faster and faster until it becomes a brain teaser."

Watch the official trailer for Hiatus
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