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The Exclusive Interview with US Senator, Dan Alston (I-MD)

Recently, Komodo Dragon Publishing sat down with Dan Alston, the US Senator from Maryland, to learn more about his exploits in the 2019 sci-fi thriller, Shaman. The following is a summary of that conversation.

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An Interview with US Senator, Dan Alston

Dan Alston is a fictional character and the protagonist in the 2019 sci-fi thriller, Shaman by Sam Polakoff.

KD: You are called, “The Last Honest Senator.” How did you come by that nickname?

Alston: (blushes in a true show of humility) Well, I’m not really sure. I think somewhere along the line, early in my first term, I picked up a reputation for standing up for what I believe in regardless of the political consequences.

KD: To say the least, that instinct has served you well but it has also gotten you in some big trouble. Am I correct?

Alston: You could say that. My daughter Bri, would agree with you. If I didn’t follow my instincts and that voice in my head, the world might be a different place right now.

KD: That’s a curious statement. What do you mean?

Alston: If you don’t stay true to what you believe, you will make decisions you might later regret.

KD: You are an experienced mountain climber. What’s the strangest experience you ever had on a climb?

Alston: Not long ago, before all the trouble began, I was atop Mt. Ausangate in Peru. I ignored the advice of our guide to descend the summit ahead of an approaching storm. I was alone and literally thrown off the face of the mountain. While battling harrowing conditions, I encountered a predatory wolf, a condor flying above and a strange female voice repeating a phrase that made no sense over and over again.

KD: What did you learn from that experience?

Alston: The voice, the wolf and the condor were all symbols from an ancient shaman-in-training who sought revenge for events that happened in her village more than five hundred years ago.

KD: That’s astounding. Why did you think that had anything to do with you?

Alston: That’s the funny part. I had heard that same female voice for years in my daily life. Clearly, there was some sort of connection to me.

KD: How did you make the connection?

Alston: It wasn’t easy. At first, I was reluctant to believe any of it. Slowly, but surely, with help from my daughter, Bri and my chief of staff, Tally, I pieced it together. The female voice was from a young woman who lived during the final days of the Inca Empire in Peru. Her soul had reincarnated to a present-day person who meant to bring harm to the Earth as retribution for what happened to her five hundred years ago.

KD: That’s incredible. But why involve you?

Alston: That’s the really interesting part. Through all the research we did, I learned I had lived as a shaman during the Inca Empire, in the same village.

KD: I don’t think any US Senator ever had to deal with a problem like that one. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Alston: I didn’t at first but once I learned about Akashic readings and the beliefs of the Incan shamans, it was tough to refute.

KD: Is there any more you can tell us about how this reincarnated quest for vengeance played out? I mean, this is unlike any story we’ve ever heard.

Alston: (chuckles) I could but I don’t want to ruin the story for those who haven’t read Shaman. The book is available at Amazon and online booksellers across the world. In the meantime, watch the brand new trailer below.

Watch the Shaman trailer

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