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Australian News Journal: Ancient Civilization at Bottom of the Coral Sea?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

World-famous Marine Biologist to Lead Exploration Team

March 19, 2175 – Scrimshaw Beach, Queensland, Australia

The lost city of Aeternum…is it fact or fiction? For centuries, locals near Scrimshaw Beach on Australia’s northeast coast have debated this very premise. For generations, the legend of a sunken civilization at the bottom of the Coral Sea has been the subject of debates, documentaries, and multiple underwater explorations. And all the efforts produced not a shred of evidence to support the story. That narrative is now changing thanks to world-famous American marine biologist, Dex Holzman who will lead a team to explore the area with an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). According to the legend, the attraction of Aeternum has always been the idea that its citizens held the secret of a magical healing extract. People of this lost civilization reportedly had life expectancies of more than one hundred years.

To validate the legend, Holzman’s team will use an AUV called the J-Cous 5000 that will return high-definition images and holograms in real-time via an underwater wireless optical transmission or LiFi - short for light fidelity. It uses light to transmit the data. The J-Cous 5000 unit resembles a sturgeon and has two miniature versions of itself to explore small spaces.

When asked about the legend of Aeternum, a fisherman native to the area who goes by Toby said, “Some folks think it’s just a tale but not me, I know it’s true.” As far as Dex Holzman is concerned, he’s not as sure. “As long as we have the right coordinates, the advanced technology of the J-Cous 5000 will bear out the truth.” According to Toby the fisherman, the real find will not be the sunken city but the floppy orange petals of the Aeternium, a flower he believes can heal almost any medical condition.

Dex Holzman understands the magnitude of such a discovery. World leaders frequently make life and death decisions when considering the dwindling resources of the planet. Health or population control? Should the legend of Aeternum be true, how will it impact the barbaric euthanasia program used by every country in the world? The program is ironically called Mercy and terminates the life of the sick. Holzman hopes Mercy can be retired.

Dex Holzman’s adventure begins in earnest on July 17, 2021 with the release of the new page-turning, sci-fi thriller, Escaping Mercy.

© Escaping Mercy by Sam Polakoff – Will be sold exclusively on Amazon – July 17, 2021

Pre-orders begin on or about July 1, 2021.

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