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Meet the Characters from An Inch from Oblivion

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Detective Dave Ostrinsky

Dave is an everyman, a blue-collar, bullheaded, get-it-done- kind of guy. He is the first victim of a crime that's spreading across the world like wildfire. Dave’s specialty is homicide. In this adventure, he is faced with helping to track down international cybercriminals. After needing an emergency craniotomy, Dave teams up with his neurosurgeon, Ivy McDermott and fights his own self-doubt, in solving the mystery and in his developing feelings for the good doctor.

Ivy McDermott, M.D.

Ivy is a prominent neurosurgeon and a self-described workaholic. While performing emergency surgery on Dave Ostrinsky, she discovers a strange growth in Dave’s brain. Post-op analysis reveals the item has conductive qualities and processes electric and internet signals. Ivy must confront her own sense of inadequacy in working with law enforcement to determine the origin of the brain growth, especially as people across the world become afflicted with the same condition at an alarming rate.

People with the brain growth are sending money to cybercriminals, downloading malware at their places of employment, and even committing murder.

Can Dave and Ivy unravel the mystery?

Exclusively on Amazon

An Inch from Oblivion, the new medical thriller from American Fiction Award winner, Sam Polakoff.

Komodo Dragon Books, LLC


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