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Are You Being Controlled by a Cybercriminal?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Baltimore, Maryland – Dave Ostrinsky, an experienced Baltimore homicide detective, was distraught to learn his savings account had been cleaned out. $32,000 of hard-earned money, saved meticulously by he and his wife, vanished in an instant. After consulting with the cybercrimes unit of the Baltimore City Police Department, Ostrinsky was baffled when told that all evidence suggested that he, himself, had withdrawn the funds.

Except that he didn’t.

The incident cost him his marriage and a similar episode at work resulted in a suspension. Somehow, it seemed, Ostrinsky was acting on commands from cybercriminals in a way that made no sense.

During his suspension, Ostrinsky, a stated outdoorsman, lost control of his bike in the Catoctin Mountains. The accident would have cost him his life had he not been found teetering on a flimsy tree limb with a brain bleed. After being flown to Baltimore’s Shock Trauma unit, Dr. Ivy McDermott, performed an emergency craniotomy, saving Ostrinsky’s life. In the process, she discovered a strange growth in his brain. She removed the item and authorities quickly ascertained that it held conductive qualities, able to transmit electrical and internet signals.

While investigating, Ostrinsky uncovers other seemingly innocent victims where their own unknowing actions caused the transfer of money to crooks, likely overseas. Working together, Dave and Ivy unravel the mystery that finds millions of people acting out of character. Some people under the influence of the strange brain growth were compelled to commit acts of violence, including murder.

Dave Ostrinsky’s adventure begins in earnest on April 15, 2023, with the release of the new page-turning, medical thriller, An Inch from Oblivion.

© An Inch from Oblivion by Sam Polakoff is sold exclusively on Amazon.

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