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Australian News Journal: Mother Flees US for Australia to Save Her Ten-Year-Old Son

June 25, 2175 – Brisbane, Australia. Cam Atkinson, a widowed native of Los Angeles with a ten-year-old son recently fled the United States for Lockhart on Australia’s east coast. Despite being a named partner in the civil rights law firm of Baugh & Atkinson, P.A., Cam Atkinson knew the US level of Mercy would ultimately claim her son’s life. Young Corey Atkinson was diagnosed with a mutated strain of the deadly Reuben Syndrome Virus, or RSV, a condition subject to forced euthanasia under current US law. With the help of Prime Minister Willow Martin, Cam Atkinson was able to relocate to Lockhart where the international Mercy laws are more relaxed. Relocating to another country on short notice is not something anyone would routinely undertake. “After Mercy killed my husband, I’d do anything to prevent my son from the same fate,” declared an exhausted Cam Atkinson.

Atkinson likes telling the story of how Prime Minister Martin tipped her off to an underwater expedition beneath the Coral Sea in search of a sunken civilization called Aeternum. World-famous marine biologist Dex Holzman is leading the expedition to discover the secret of how the people of Aeternum presumably lived well over one hundred years of age. Cam Atkinson is pinning her hopes on that secret to extend the life of her young son.

While Holzman’s expedition is ongoing, Cam Atkinson waits patiently, something she finds difficult as people with knowledge of Aeternum and its powerful secret are being murdered. At the present time, authorities have no clue who is behind these heinous crimes. “We are using the full force of the federal government to find the people responsible,” proclaimed Prime Minister Martin. As for Cam Atkinson, she fears for her son’s life and with each passing day, questions her ability to help him find a cure and keep them both safe from would-be assassins.

Cam’s adventure begins in earnest on July 17, 2021, with the release of the new page-turning, sci-fi thriller, Escaping Mercy.

© Escaping Mercy by Sam Polakoff – Will be sold exclusively on Amazon – July 17, 2021

Pre-orders begin on or about July 1, 2021.

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