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I’ve Got That Nagging Feeling I’ve Been Here Before

Did you ever have a random feeling about a place you’ve never been? Maybe it was a specific city, a mountain range or perhaps a western saloon from the 1800’s. Some people who have never been in an auto accident say they get flashes of the experience running through their brain. These sensations feel real…but are they? Many of us have had some sort of infrequent episodic experience along these lines. The sensations are so few and far between that we tend to dismiss them from our conscious minds.

What if the feeling about a particular event occurred at such an alarming pace that it began to haunt your daily existence? Arguably, you might start Googling in the vain search for the answer. You would likely find that an Internet search for something like this is akin to attempting self-diagnosis after a bellyache and sharp pain in your head. Paths would splinter and the answers you seek would be nowhere in sight. Desperate for answers, you might visit a psychic or even a psychiatrist.

Such is the dilemma of the main character in my upcoming thriller entitled Shaman.

Dan Alston questioned his sanity. A successful businessman and U.S. Senator, his entire life had been plagued by strange voices and visions. The episodes were ambiguous and easily ignored. But on his 50th birthday, during a climb in The Andes, Dan Alston is involuntarily transported on a spiritual journey and shown something horrifying; an environmental apocalypse.

Dan learns he is experiencing episodes from another lifetime, a lifetime from which he has been reincarnated and once lived as a shaman during the Inca Empire. His Chief of Staff, Talia Clayton, tries to help him understand the meaning of his experience and to fight his demons, both real and perceived.

While he learns to determine reality from fantasy, Dan and Talia cross paths with Jade, an ancient and evil force unleashed to hasten the Earth’s destruction. In a race against time, Dan Alston must overcome trepidation while summoning his innate courage to defeat Jade and save the planet from an apocalyptic end.

Shaman is the story of a man who thought he knew what serving his country meant until he discovered his true purpose and the power required to fulfill it.

Shaman is scheduled for release by Komodo Dragon, LLC in the fall of 2019.

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