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Neurosurgeon Discovers Unique Growth in the Brain

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Baltimore, Maryland – There’s never anything routine about an emergency craniotomy to stop a brain bleed. Dr. Ivy McDermott was completing one such procedure when an OR monitor began chirping a warning. At first, Dr. McDermott saw nothing to substantiate the alarm. Before she dismissed the alarm as a machine error, as a precaution, she called up a 3D view of the patient’s brain. It was here that Dr. McDermott discovered a mere speck of a hard, white growth poking out from within the folds of a lobe.

Determined, Dr. McDermott made a new incision near the affected region and gently extracted the growth from the patient’s brain. In a post-surgical interview with The Daily Dragon, Dr. McDermott said, “The growth was the size of the small hearing aid batteries I used to help my grandmother with. I’d never seen anything like it in the brain.”

The object was originally thought to be a calcium deposit, but closer examination ruled out the possibility. Dr. McDermott was baffled. Medical science held no history of such an object forming in the brain. The patient had no incision from a prior surgery ruling out an implant. With nowhere else to turn, Dr. McDermott worked with the Baltimore City Police Department and the local office of the FBI to learn more.

Law enforcement authorities were able to determine that the object held conductive qualities. When asked about this revelation, Dr. McDermott was flabbergasted. “I was told the item could receive both electrical and Internet signals enabling the human brain to be connected to other Internet-capable devices.” Realizing the implications of such a discovery, Dr. McDermott focused on helping the authorities unravel the mystery. She was shocked to learn that the growth, dubbed, “a microdot,” was part of a far-reaching conspiracy by a cybercriminal mastermind to create a controllable public.

Dr. McDermott’s adventure begins in earnest on April 15, 2023 with the release of the new page-turning, medical thriller, An Inch from Oblivion.

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